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Peter Lewis
Our History

LED Dancefloor

Early in 2013 , Peter Lewis started the design of prototypes of the LED Dancefloor. At the beginning of 2014 , the first mobile LED Dancefloor was manufactured in Durban North. Peter designed and built a CNC machine to make the floors with consistant precision. From the outset, Peter wanted to make the floors light enough and easy enough to install. Along with a special Engineering plastic imported from Germany, The floors had to be robust and strong. Now after many improvements , Peter has brought the design into the 2020's which now includes built in Anti-Slip Mats and wireless control.


Our Incredible Dancefloors


Company Timeline

  • 2013

    Research and Development

    Time was take to research other floors in the market as we as design something that would be suitable and cost effective for the South African market.

  • 2014

    First floors completed

    Our initial design was a 2.5m x 2.5m floor installed into a small night club. Thereafter we made a 4m x 3 m Dancefloor which we used for various functions as well as all the functions at the Hilton Hotel where Peter was the Resident DJ. The floor was increased by 4 more square metres.

  • 2016

    Further 21 square metres built

    A further 21 square metres built. 12 for a Resturant which was installed in the ceiling and 9 panels to give us a total or 25 square metres. We moved onto an ARTnet controller which allowed us to control the floor in real-time via Laptop and connected via Ethernet.

  • 2019

    Further 16 square metres built

    We designed out own 1m long PCB for our LEDs which included and extra pin for backup. If any LEDs failed it bypassed that LED to continue the lighting uniformity. We continued to build a further 17 square metres and got our Biggest floor hire in Plett of 42 square Metres.

  • 2022

    Further 50 square metres

    We realised that Durban was a small market and wanted to expand to Johannesburg. Production started in March 2022 on 50 more square metres with a new design board. Our first office in Gauteng opened in March 2023 with the capability of up to a 4mx6m LED Dancefloor. This services the whole of Gauteng. Our Second office is expeced to open before the end of 2023. The second office will either be in Centurian or Fourways area and will also have the capability of up to a 4m x 6m LED Dancefloor. These floors can me combined to made a 8m x 6m. We designed a Controller for our dancefloors which is housed in a elegant cabinet with a 7 inch Full HD Touch Screen Monitor that we designed and built in-house. There is also a easy to use program designed by Peter Lewis that allows the user to set the mood at different times during the evening.

  • 2023

    Further 50 square metres

    Production started in August 2023 for further 50 square metres with a new design board. This will be part of the first floors that we will be in the Eastern Cape in Port Elizabeth. Capability will be up to a 4mx6m LED Dancefloor. Then we are looking at putting the next 4m x 6m LED Dancefloor in Cape Town. Our Biggest LED Dancefloor floor to date has been a 8m x 8m with 28 square meters been blank floors with no LED's inside. During October we have successfully provided 8m x 10m LED Dancefloor for a birthday party in Durban.

  • 2024

    New design of LED Dancefloor

    While the physical structure of our floors will stay the same apart from the corners of each floor which now have 4 countersunk screws for easy access if required. A second improvement was to move the controller into each panel. Each panel has Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet. We have a Ethernet 4 port switch built into each floor. Our panels can be placed in any order due to all the floors are running Ethernet. We have written an application to easily configure the floors to match the required size and to match the patch of the complete floor. Our Application re-programs the IP addresses Automatically on each panel. With the addition of Wifi we now have a back path for Interactive capabilities. Apart from running Wired Ethernet, we have experimented with great success on WiFi. Due to the small amount of data going via Wifi to each panel (Only controls 100 pixels), we see no glitches in our testing area. We aim to improve on this option as technology improves. You are able to log into each panel via Wifi/Ethernet and though the Graphical interface you can select internal patterns of the floors or add text. Production started in January for first 40 square metres for an events comany with the new design. This is an exciting development as we can make any floor size with no limitations. You can use internal patterns or from a computer or Laptop with an ethernet port. All panels are made identically and once configured though our Application, have two IP Addresses, One Wired and one Wireless. March starts manufacture for a futher 50 square meters for an events company. As an example with 40 square meters , you can do a 4m x10m or 2m x 20m or a 4mx4m and 2 x 3m x 3m or 4 x 3m x 3m and any square or rectangle combination to use all the panels you have.

Dancefloor Sizing

Calculate Floor Size

3mx3m (JHB + Durban)

R3 500

  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • 50 or less guests

  • 36 Dancers

  • Mobile App or Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD

4mx4m (JHB + Durban)

R4 500

  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • 100 or less guests

  • 64 Dancers

  • Mobile App or Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD

4mx5m (JHB + Durban)

R5 500

  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • 125 or less guests

  • 80 Dancers

  • Mobile App or Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD

4mx6m (JHB + Durban)

R6 500

  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • 150 or less guests

  • 96 Dancers

  • Mobile App or Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD

5mx5m (Durban Only)

R6 750

  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • 165 or less guests

  • 100 Dancers

  • Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD

5mx6m (Durban Only)

R 7 950

  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • 180 or less guests

  • 120 Dancers

  • Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD

6mx6m (Durban Only)

R9 500

  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • 180 or less guests

  • 144 Dancers

  • Mobile App or Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD

Custom Size (Countrywide)


  • Up to 12 hours usage

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • Laptop Control

  • Excl Install/Travel cost, if any, TBD


“ The LED Dancefloor was nore than I expected at my wedding The floor brought the whole wedding alive”

Michelle Jacobs

“ Was a pleasure to work with the LED Dancefloor crew Everything went off without a hitch"

40th Birthday Girl

“ Really an amazing floor we used at my Daughters 18th Birthday ”

18th Birthday, Mother

Frequently asked questions

Does this price include Travel and installation?

The travel and installation / Breakdown fee is determined once we know the details of the function which includes Venue, Starting time, Ending Time and weather we need to take the floor out the same night.

Do you have technical support onsite running the floor?

In most cases we do not. We leave a Laptop running with a random sequence of patterns. We do offer a service to have a staff member running the floor for the night.

Can we include text on the floor ?

Yes, both the mobile app and the Computer can have text

Can we have different patterns at different times of the evening ?

Yes, with the mobile app you are able to select between, different playlists. 1 - Could be slow fading patterns which are used for speeches 2 - Could be Text that you wanted on the floor 3 - Could be dance music - lively 4 - Could be Dance Music - slow

Do the floor require a lot of electricty ?

No, our floors use a standard 15A 220v plug point which we require not to share with any other items

What surface do you require for the floor ?

We require an indoor firm flat surface. Should you have a surface like a bowling green then we will evaluate it on a case by case basis as we do in determining if it can go outdoors.

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